Geboren am 24.11.1940 in Iserlohn/Westfalen

Abitur 1960 in Iserlohn

Studium der Germanistik, Anglistik und wissenschaftlichen Politik in Marburg

1. Staatsexamen 1967 in Marburg

2. Staatsexamen 1969 in Marburg

Lehrer von 1968-1997 in Marburg

Promotion bei Wolfgang Abendroth 1972.

Lehrbeauftragter der Philipps-Universität Marburg im SS 1981 im Fachbereich Theologie

Mitbegründer und Sprecher des Marburger Forums (1981-1994)

Mitglied der GEW, des BdWi, der VVN/BdA



Friedrich-Martin Balzer, born in 1940, son of a protestant reverend, is an educationist, non-fiction author and editor. He got his Ph.D. in political sciences („Class Contrasts Within the Church. Erwin Eckert and the Federation of Christian Socialists in Germany“, 1972). Within the last four decades he published as an independent publisher and scholar more than three dozens books and CDs, most of them editions. His main subject is the safeguarding of traces of left intellectuals in the 20th century. From 1981 until 1994 he was spokesman of the regional peace movement. He has been living in Marburg since 1960. From 1968 until 1997 he taught English, politics, history and law at an independent Grammar School in Marburg and for twenty years until his early retirement in 1997 served as Head of the Advanced Studies in the school’s executive. He married twice and has one daughter, born in 1969. His second wife, Brigitte Kustosch, born in 1947, died in 2016 after almost 24 years of both being happily married.


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